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Tutorial Guides

The following guides provide tutorials for the Skeen Library and its resources.

Open Settings

  1. On the Google Scholar home page, select settings at the top
  2. On the results page, Click the down arrow next to "My Citations" and select settings

Choose a Bibliography Manager

  1. In search results options
  2. Under bibliography manager
  3. Select EndNote
    • EndNote is provided by New Mexico Tech to current Students, Faculty, and Staff

Add Your Library

  1. Under library links
  2. Search for your library
  3. Select all that apply
    • WorldCat searches the library catalog
    • Select up to five libraries from which to have access to subscriptions
  4. Save your settings
    • Settings will be retained until you clear your cookies

NMT Skeen Library


801 Leroy Place, Socorro, NM 87801


(575) 835-5614