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Chandra Reed

Technical Services Librarian
Chandra Reed's picture
Chandra Reed
801 Leroy Pl.
Socorro, NM 87801
(575) 835-5535
Hello everyone! My name is Chandra Reed and I am the Technical Services Librarian here at the Joseph Skeen Library. I am still pretty new to the library but happy to keep learning about this beautiful campus. I am a graduate from the University of North Texas August 2016 with my Masters of Library and Information Science and received my Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from New Mexico State University in 2016.

During a work-study job at the Thomas Branigan Memorial Library during my undergraduate studies, I was shown the career path of a librarian. The library has always been a part of my life but I had never wondered about what it took to make it a career. When I learned it required further studies, I decided to place it on the back burner, as I didn't know if that was truly where I wanted to go. A year after graduating from NMSU, I found a calling in clinical massage therapy and for 8 years I practiced as a licensed massage therapist in both spa and therapeutic environments. I spent three of those years as a student clinic supervisor at Massage Therapy Training Institute in Las Cruces, NM and enjoyed it very much.

However, there came a time my body said it was time to move on and I found I couldn't do what I enjoyed as well as I used to. I then remembered my dream and curiosity of becoming a librarian and began exploring options for graduate school. With the help of friends, discovered the MLIS distance learning program at The University of North Texas, took a risk, and ended up being a great decision. During my time there I was introduced to the wide world of information management and the various avenues of librarianship. I enjoyed learning how the path of both the librarian, as well as the services that a library can provide, have adapted and adopted to so much. I found a passion for storytelling, utilizing comics and graphic novels for literacy skill building and reading skills, collection management, digital services, and long-term information storage and access.

On a more personal note, I am a self-professed interoverted nerd. I love video games, graphic novels, I am a Fallout Franchise junkie and have a small collection of collectables. I love the universes of Star Wars and Star Trek, I enjoy post-apocalyptian-dystopian themes (especially Mad Max). I enjoy a board game when I can, I enjoy role-playing Dungeons and Dragons (however it's been some years since I've been able to) and learning other role-playing genres. I love music, reading, drawing, painting, and have recently began learning to crochet.

Here at the Skeen Library, I perform various tasks with my colleagues here at the library, however some of my main areas of expertise are:

*Coordinating with digital services and subscription vendors to ensure digital services, journals, eBooks, databases, and other related items stay active and functional.

*Processing requests of specific journals and digital services to add to the Skeen Library services and collection from students, faculty, and staff.

*Assists students with researching resources and articles within the Skeen Library catalog and requests for specific digital titles or articles.

*Working with the Skeen Library Systems Specialist to troubleshoot help requests from students, faculty, and staff in regards to the Skeen Library website, databases, and digital subscriptions, as well as access to resources on and off campus.

*Assists students, faculty, and staff in using digital databases to locate resources and articles within the Skeen Library catalog.
Assists in processing physical items in the library collection to a digitized format for archiving and storage.

*Assists with inventorying the microfiche theses collection for digital conversion for the digital repository.

*Assists in any weeding of library materials as needed.

I am available for scheduling help sessions between 15 minutes to 30 minute increments if needed. I am available for both in-person in my office, via Zoom or via telephone, whatever you are comfortable with. Please feel free to send me emails with questions or suggestions for eBooks, journals, or databases you would like to see possibly added to our collection.

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