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Course Reserves

Useful information on how to submit Course Reserves (also known as E-Reserves)

Submitting a Course Reserves Request

Faculty and instructors can request that items be placed on Course Reserves by filling out this form


We strongly encourage you to read through this tutorial BEFORE submitting your Course Reserves request. Due to vendor limitations, the form is not as user-friendly or intuitive as we would like.

Step 1: Personal Info

Step 1: Personal Info

Begin by providing your Name and email address, then clicking Next


Step 2: Course Info

Step 2: Course Info

If your course is already listed, you can select it from the drop-down list. 



If your course is not listed, you can add it manually.



You will need to supply the following: 

  • Course Number
  • Course Name
  • Instructor (if instructor is not listed, you can add them manually)
  • Term (based on semesters and set by Skeen Library. If a term you're looking for is not listed, please email us.)
  • Description (short description of class)
  • Password (optional; if you choose a password, students must use password to access course materials)
  • Enrollment (number of students enrolled in course; optional, but helpful to know)




Step 3: Item Info & Display Info

Step 3: Item Info & Display Info

This is the step where you add individual items (course readings, links, media, etc.) to your course.

NOTE: items don't have to be digital. You can place physical items on Course Reserves. If you choose a physical item held by Skeen Library, staff will pull it and add it to the Course Reserves shelf behind the Circulation Desk. If you are providing a personal or departmental copy, library staff will be in touch to arrange a drop-off time.

For each item, you will need to supply the following. This information will be what your students see and covers the basic aspects for each of your reserve items. (All the details of your item will be entered after you select the Type under Display Info):

  • Name
  • Description (optional, but helpful for students)
  • Password (optional; if you choose a password, students must use password to access item, in addition to the course-level password)
  • URL (if applicable)
  • File Attachment (if applicable)
  • Additional Info/Instructions (optional; you may wish to provide further information or instructions to your students)



Use the Display Info to group similar readings or items together (first two are optional):

  • Folder (you may wish to organize readings by genre, author, or week)
  • Start Visibility/End Visibility (you may wish to limit access or discourage students from reading too far ahead)
  • Type (Book/e-Book/Chapter, Article, Website, Media, Instructor Files [syllabus])
    • Enter detailed information here



Type is where you enter detailed information for your item. See the image below for an example for a physical item in Skeen Library's collection:


Step 4: Submit Request

Step 4: Submit Request

Finally, you can submit your request!

You must check the box acknowleding that you agree to the Copyright Statement before you can hit Submit.

Afterwards, you have a few options:

  • Submit another item for your course by clicking Request Another;
  • Submit items for another course by clicking Change Course, or;
  • Start Over (will reset the form and allow you to add a new course)

If you need to add additional items to your Course Reserves at any time, you may open the form, choose your course, and add those items.


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