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Evaluating Information

Use this guide to get some insights on how you should evaluate sources for your academic research

Evaluating Web Resources

Like print resources, you should also evaluate web resources. Here are some things to consider:

  • The domain of the website and its source (author/creator). Is it well-known, respected, or reliable? Or is it just a random site?
  • Do you get a "Not Found" or 404 error?
  • What sites does the webpage link to? Are there links to other news sources or otherwise reliable information? Or are there just a bunch of ads?
  • The author's credentials. What makes them qualified to write on a particular topic? Is it easy to figure out what organization they are affiliated with? Can you easily find their contact information?
  • Check the date. Is it timely? Is it relevant?
  • Is this information available through other sources? Is it being reported on widely?

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