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MENG 341 (Ford)

Research guide with information and tips supporting the coursework in Julie Ford's MENG 341 class

Check out the video below for a brief explanation of peer review

Take the quiz below to test your knowledge of peer review

Be sure to keep the following things in mind as you're looking for scholarly articles and evaluating them. Click on the Need Practice? tab below to see if you can identify a peer-reviewed article.

Scholarly journal articles will typically include the following:

  • An abstract or summary at the beginning;
  • Citations or a bibliography;
  • The author's affiliation and credentials; and
  • The journal title will often contain words such as journal or review and is dedicated to a specific subject or topic

Also consider these points about scholarly journal articles:

  • They are written to inform researchers in the field and thus contain specialized language
  • They tend to have few, if any, images, but often contain charts, graphs, or data tables


Found an article, but you aren't sure if it's scholarly? Compare it to the Anatomy of a Scholarly Article from North Carolina State University (NCSU) Libraries.

There's also a streaming version, if you have 4-5 minutes to spare (trust us, it will be time well-spent).


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