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Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Learn how to use the Skeen Library Interlibrary Loan system!

Welcome to the ILL Copy Request Tutorial

Follow the steps in this handy tutorial to learn how to make a copy request through ILL.

Click the small arrow to the right of each image to move to the next slide.

Once you're at the library's homepage, click the link above to navigate to the search page.

Note: the library's homepage is

  1. Enter the title, ISSN, or ISBN of the journal or book with the article or chapter you would like.

  2. Change the search parameters to include Libraries Worldwide.

  3. Click the Search button to begin your search.

If Skeen Library doesn't have access to the journal issue or book you need, click on the Request Item through Interlibrary Loan button to begin your ILL request.

If you're not already signed in to your library account, you will be prompted to sign in before you can submit your request. If you've never activated your library account or forgot your library password, click on the Set/reset password link.

Note: Your library password is different from your Banweb password. 


Verify that your Request Type at the top of the page is Copy Request.

Information regarding the journal or book and your account will auto-fill into the appropriate fields.

You will need to manually provide some information such as title, authors, date published, volume, issue, and page numbers (1).

Please select your NMT Affiliation (2) before you click Submit Request (3).

You will receive an email when your copy is available to download. You will be required to log in to your patron account in order to access it.

Please do not opt out of notifications, as email is the only way to notify you when your ILL request is available, closed, or if we need more information in order to complete the request.

Additional things you should know:

  • If you cannot find the item in the catalog search, you can manually fill out a request form.

  • The more accurate information you provide, the faster we can find the right item for you.

  • Your copy is available for 30 days. You may only view/download this copy up to 5 times over your 30 days. Once either your 30 days is up, or you've exceeded your 5 views/downloads, your copy will no longer be available and you will have to submit a new request. We recommend that you download your copy to your computer, phone, tablet, USB, or cloud storage ASAP.

  • And remember, you get to keep the digital copy forever (as long as you've downloaded it)!

We may already have access to what you want. Take a look below:

See what else we have available!

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