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Engage the World

Information on Skeen Library's Engage the World series

Engage the World is a monthly lecture series (Sept/Oct/Nov in fall semesters and Feb/Mar/Apr in spring semesters) at Skeen Library in which experts give presentations on their areas of specialization. Topics span the past, present and future: medieval history, podcasting, cartography, and much more. The goal behind this series is to encourage the NMT community to engage with the larger world, and to learn more about topics one may know little about, or to meet an expert in an outside field of interest. Attendees can also network with presenters and identify other Techies that have similar interests. It's a great opportunity to learn something new, meet like-minded people, and get out of the lab or classroom for an afternoon.

NMT Skeen Library


801 Leroy Place, Socorro, NM 87801


(575) 835-5614